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Our mission is to create and cultivate successful business relationships with our customers. This will be accomplished by making sure that our customers are completely satisfied, no matter the situation.

We are not just a voice at the other end of the line. Protronix Controls is staffed with degreed engineers who have been in the industry for many years. We care about putting the right solutions together for our customers.


Protronix Controls was established in 1990 in Centerville, Utah.  We have designed our business model so that we can provide companies all over the United States with automation and control products.  Our team is committed to fulfilling our mission statement, offering quality products, and providing a great customer experience.

To perform our mission, we will:

  • Provide engineered solutions that work.

Provide a great product offering at a fair price.

  • Give superior customer service.
  • Lower the cost of ownership of the products that we distribute through:
    • On time delivery
    • Exacting application and technical support
    • In-house inventory to back the customer’s inventory
  • Assist customer in lowering their maintenance costs by:
    • Providing products which are “like for like”, but for a lower cost
    • Utilize current technology to increase mean-time-between-failure (MTBF), while increasing machine uptime.
  • Lower labor costs for the customer through:
    • Automation of processes or machines.
    • Maintenance time spent on machines.


“Since I am a Trekkie, I like to think of myself as the Intergalactic Leader.  At least in my own mind.”

Kelly Fujikawa is the owner of Protronix Controls as well as the Lead Sales Engineer. He has been servicing automation customers throughout the Wasatch Front and all over Utah since 1990. Kelly is committed to having satisfied customers who know that they can trust him to do whatever he says he will do.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Utah in 1983, he started his career in Automation and Control sales.  As a business owner, Kelly has found that running a business and being in sales has been a very worthwhile endeavor, and that, “If you take care of other people, you will be taken care of too.”

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“My favorite thing about working at Protronix Controls is the people that I get to interact with every day and the difference that I can make for our customers.”

Kristy Fujikawa has worked at Protronix Controls since November 2004. She is the office manager and is over the accounting for Protronix Controls as well. Kristy also makes sure that our office is running smoothly and that all of our valued customers are happy.

Kristy is a wife and mother of 4 children. She enjoys traveling, reading, watching her sons play lacrosse, and spending time with her family. If there’s ever a problem, Kristy is always the first to try and resolve it.


“I like engineering because I get to build stuff and pursue my passions. I’m kind of like Sheldon [from the Big Bang Theory], just not nearly as weird.”

Jim McEntire has worked at Protronix Controls as an Inside Sales Representative and Technical Advisor since 2007. Jim graduated from Utah State University in 1963 with a degree in Marketing. The son of a contractor, Jim always had a fascination with electronics, and soon left his job as a Sales Engineer to work at Amalgamated Sugar, completely revamping their systems and increasing their efficiency by introducing them to computer programming as well as process control. Jim eventually bought Measurement Consultants, a rep firm that represented lines for analog sensors as well as instrumentation products. After a couple of years of retirement, Jim decided that his talents were better used doing his passion, and so he started working at Protronix Controls.

Jim has a passion for aviation, and has been a pilot for over 30 years. He also is an advanced amateur radio operator. Jim loves problem solving, and especially enjoys that he gets to do plenty of it as a part of this job.


“I enjoy building relationships with our customers as well as learning more about the automation process each day.”

Leslie Coons is an Inside Sales Representative for Protronix Controls. She started working at Protronix Controls in 2016 and has grown to love the automation world. Leslie handles the requests for quotes, and plays a vital part in making every step of the purchasing process smooth for our customers. and enjoys building friendships with our customers.

Leslie is a wife and mother to 3 beautiful girls. She enjoys spending time with her family, baking, gardening, hunting, kayaking or just enjoying the great outdoors.

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“I appreciate the satisfaction that comes from working closely with our customers and solving problems. I also love the family atmosphere at Protronix.”

Janell Frenette is an account manager here at Protronix Controls.

Janell started working in order entry in 2006 and has since then has expanded into account management. She is the lead contact for several customers, building and maintaining client relationships while ensuring timely and successful delivery of products.

Janell is a wife and mother of two boys. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Janell currently lives in Brownwood, Texas and works remotely for Protronix. Janell enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, and sports.

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“My favorite thing about working here is that I get to learn something new each day. That and the Star Trek references.”

Daniel Malan is the Sales Engineer for Protronix Controls covering the southern half of Utah. He has worked at Protronix Controls since November of 2017, and graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Marketing from the University of Utah in May of 2019. Daniel’s goal is to always make sure that customers walk away satisfied after every interaction with this company.

Daniel’s interests include hiking, cooking, fishing, spending time with his family, in particular with his wife Emily, and watching sports. Daniel is also fluent in Spanish and loves to practice it whenever he can.

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“It is especially important to know that there is help when you need it. That is what makes Protronix Controls a great company. We are here for our customers and that makes me have pride and enjoy what I do on a daily basis.”

Crystal Hemminger is a Purchasing Manager and RMA Coordinator for Protronix Controls. She has been a part of the team since 2015 and has over 20 years of customer and inventory management experience. Crystal works closely with clients and vendors to encourage the continued building and maintenance of relationships, as well as ensuring timely deliveries of product. She also quickly and effectively handles any defects that may arise in a product.

Crystal is a wife and mother of 3, including one feisty redheaded 6-year-old. Crystal is originally from Ohio and enjoys writing, painting, and is currently seeking an Associate Degree of English.


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