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Photoelectrics, Inductive Proximity, Capacitive, Ultrasonic, Laser, Distance Measuring, Limit Switches, Encoders, Inclinometers, Lidar.

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Quick Disconnect Cables, Active and Passive Distribution Boxes, DIN Adapter Cables, Industrial Ethernet Cables.

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Vision / Bar Code Systems

Vision systems that can perform color, contour, blob, object character recognition, measurement, 2-D and 3-D. Hand held bar code readers and fixed bar code readers.

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Programmable Controllers

Programmable logic controllers, edge programmable industrial controller, multiplexing I/O, Ethernet I/O, process controllers, PID controllers, SCADA and HMI.

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Industrial Networking

Managed and unmanaged switches, routers, cell routers.

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Servo drives & motors, Variable speed drives (VFD)

Servo motion control systems, servo motors, induction motors, gear motors, brakes, clutches, tension equipment, load cells, and variable frequency drives (VFD).

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Panel & Automation Products

Contractors, motor starters, circuit breakers, power supplies, terminals, enclosures, disconnects, pushbuttons, selectors, indicators, relays, enclosures.

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RF Products

RF radios, antennas.

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Energy & Power Products

Current transducers, current transformers, potential transducers, existing switches, power meters, power monitoring devices.

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Safety Devices

Safety interlocks, safety solenoid switches, safety mats, safety light curtains, area scanners, safety relays, safety controllers. Intrinsic barriers, terminals.

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IR temperature, pressure.

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Motion Products

Linear Bearings

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Product Offerings

Protronix Controls offers a full line of affordable automation and motion control products. If your company needs quality automation products, please contact us at (801) 683.3133.

Technical support

Protronix Controls can also provide support for all of the products we offer our customers. We understand the importance of automation products to everyday business and will be there for you if technical support is ever required.


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